January 16, 2008


I sent Cameron and Ruth a huge long e-mail today, called it my nag list, it had all the things we ought to be doing. And what did he send me in return? Yup, this picture of him, err, practising.

Makes you wonder hey?

On another note, I went helmet shopping the other day and discovered I've got a supremely big head. I was aiming for a nice combination full face/enduro helmet like the Arai TourX2 and couldn't find any that fitted. I think French people must have small heads.

So if you're reading this and know what I'm talking about, leave me a comment saying where to get them.


Anonymous said...

If you're really stuck, try the forum http://www.britishrally.co.uk/rally. You have to join but there are loads of anorak-types who will be able to help, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Alex you soooo know you have a big head ;-) really dude it should havnt been a shock, if you still cant find anything i've got a spare metal dustbin at the back of my office, would this be any help??

Good luck guys.... ;-)

Matthew Cashmore said...

you a big head!?!?! never!

Try the new Shoei Hornet DS - http://www.shoei-europe.com/en/ - I just bought one at the London Bike show and I couldn't fit into even the largest Arai.

The Shoei fits well and I've not even got the largest size.


Chaz said...

Alex, don't be such a brand label snob. The HJC CL-XS is almost identical to the Arai but a third of the price. I used one round India and it is a fantastic lid. If you are really lucky, like a mate of mine that is riding to Mongolia for charity, then you could possibly blag them.
And also why are you using that pair of over pampered actors as a basis for information? Read Mondo Enduro, Lois on the Loose and get the DVD Terra Circa. Real people with no back up and no real funding.
BTW, when do you expect to leave the UK for China? There is an awesome charity run to Mongolia leaving the UK July 2008.

www.teamremit.co.uk / www.mongolia-or-bust.eu

Good luck with the trip though. If everyone did just a little bit then together we could all make a big difference.

Anonymous said...

I am doing a similar trip but to Tianjin in July, alone on a notorcycle.

Look at the HJC CL-XS, its what Ive chosen for the journey.

If you want to share prep tips/advice you can get in touch on mattandliane@msn.com


Alex said...

I only said like the Arai, I didn't mean an actual Arai because they're ludicrously expensive, I've found a nie cheap version now, which will do me fine.