May 19, 2008

Testing, testing

Well, the Open Days have come and gone and here's yours truly at the wheel of the Polaris RZR. I've got to say I was very impressed, not just with the quality of the thing, but also with the reception I had from Ets Petitpas, who not only let me play with the RZR but also answered all the questions I had, rummaged in their workshop to look at how things could fit together, and gave me a drink. I'm very impressed and if this is a sign of Polaris's quality I think the RZR is the way to go.
So the RZR, it really is a blast to drive, in many ways it's very car like, you're sitting up and you even feel quite high, quite commanding. The steering is a little heavier than a car, but that's because I'm used to power steering, and the RZR has none and also has those off-road tyres. And of course it's noisier than a car, but not unduly so, and it wouldn't give me a headache even after a day at the wheel. The handling's great it feels very surefooted, I know the Euro-Spec RZRs have wider tyres and track so it'd be hard work getting one to fall over (see YouTube for details). You have to remember you're in a very small mid-engined rear-wheel-drive though and drive accordingly, pile into a corner too fast brake sharply and the back will come round, but it's very controllable on the throttle.

Off-road is another story, the RZR really goes, and is amazingly comfortable, you really wouldn't know you're doing 50+ mph over mud, ruts and potholes, the suspension just seems to absorb what you throw at it, and I know we'd be able to step out at the end of the day off-road and not feel shaken to bits. The bodywork keeps you a lot more protected than some of the buggies we've looked at but at the same time you're not insulated from the world like a full 4x4.

I think the RZR is the one for us, now I just have to persuade Cameron.

And speaking of Cameron, you might be wondering where he is? Well he's aboard ship, living it up on a cruise, although he's not a guest he's the entertainment, and it's not a luxury cruise ship it's a sailing ship. So he'll not be sat in front of a computer for a while, but expect to hear all about it when he's back. Meanwhile some of us have to work.


ruth said...

Hi Alex - good to hear from you. I must admit, this car looks better than the other one, although that might be because it looks as if it's got a roof (OK, I know it's a soft top, but hey, same difference!). I might have some news on the premises front soon, although I won't know for a couple of weeks or so, but you might hear me getting a wee bit excited soon! I haven't had a chance to fill Cameron in as yet, so I guess I'll need to wait till he comes back from being Mr Cruise Director on the posh ship. (Think I might get an invite one of these days...?!)

Anonymous said...

The RZR is a much better choice. I sell these in the US and they are balls out wicked. I saw your post on the PRC, I think your right to go with the 2009 RZR S model. It will have an upgraded suspension and factory Bighorn tires, which will be the best for just about all surfaces on your trip. They are what the UTV racers are using in the Baja and Nevada races. Fill them up with Tire Balz ( I believe that is what they use.)

You may contact Polaris and see what they can do for getting a machine to you before the European release.


Zaharan Razak said...


Just parachuted here and made an instant noodle meal of it! Ya ya, haven't googled the Polaris thingy for quite some while now - and now this, a buggy with a roof, the very stuffing to fill my next Lisboa-Dakar dream.

Mentioning LD, I wonder though if Polaris does make a name for itself in the race, if at all it participates.